What is Pigmentation?


Pigmentation is the colouring of your skin.  It is a skin condition where patches of the skin turn into a darker shade of colour due to excessive presence of melanin, found on skin surface.  Melanin is produced by melanocytes and functions as miniature umbrellas to skin cells to protect the skin from sun and UV damages.

It can also occur from hormonal changes, pregnancy, oral contraceptives and certain medications all can tribute to the increase of melanin in the skin.


How Pigmentation is treated?


Laser is a non-surgical approach for treating age spots and sun damage using powerful light-based technology to target unwanted pigment without harming surrounding skin.

In just a few simple treatment sessions, pigment appears lighter and your skin looks clearer and younger.  After treatment, the pigment will temporarily darken, crust over and then will slough away to reveal your clear skin.